What do you want to be when you are older? That is the sometimes difficult-to-answer question that comes up for most children, especially at graduation.

Many of us are still trying to figure out the answer, which explains why one can make contributions to an RESP until the beneficiary reaches 31 years old. It would be nice to offer one’s child the funds to reach for their dreams, and an RESP can help with that.

Group Benefits

Some group benefits provider can set up monthly payments to your RESPs. In some cases, your payroll department can set it up to directly pay to the insurance provider of your RESP.

It is a stress-free and convenient way to have the funds paid into your child’s RESP, without the worry of making a monthly or annual payment.


RESPs are a useful way to save for your child’s future education. Whole Life Insurance is another option.

You can use the cash values built inside a Whole Life policy for other expenses not centred around educational institutions such as a down payment on a home or a start-up business venture. The list is extensive.

Again, this is another tool that can assist your children later in life. Not to mention, you ensure they have insurance coverage, while young and healthy.


RESPs give you the option to choose from a selection of investments, low to high risk. For those who are comfortable with making these decisions and following the markets, you have the ability to grow the funds significantly for your child on your own. If not, we are here to offer our expertise and knowledge to assist you.

Feel comfortable in your decisions about your child’s future, with valuable information and knowledge. The grants are yours to make investment decisions, so there is room to grow these additional funds.

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