Creating a will can feel like walking through a corn maze without a map. There are so many paths, and you do not want to take the wrong one or leave anything behind.

Common reasons why people avoid writing a will:

  • I cannot afford a will
  • I do not have the time
  • I will do it just before I die
  • I do not know how to start
  • Only wealthy people need wills
  • I do not want to think about death
  • I do not want to deal with my family
  • I am young. I do not need a will, yet.
  • My family and I cannot agree on anything
  • I was not aware of problems without a will
  • I am not ready to make important decisions
  • My family will divide things when I am gone
  • I do not like feeling pressured to do something
  • I do not want to share personal details with a stranger

If you do not have a will, chances are you can relate to at least one of these reasons.

Nevertheless, settling an estate without a will can be like going through a haunted house. It can be scary, and problems (or family members) have a way of bursting out at the worst moments.

Moreover, like trick or treaters stepping up to a dark and undecorated house on Halloween, the people to whom you want to give your precious possessions may have to wait a long time or leave with empty pillowcases.

“You’re not legally required to prepare a will. However, if you don’t have a will, the laws in your province or territory will determine how your estate is divided.”

(Government of Canada, 2018)

Government of Canada – Making a Will and Planning Your Estate

Myths and Truths about Wills:

Not Required*

  • A lawyer
  • A lot of money
  • A notary’s stamp

*Helpful if you have a large estate.


  • A statement that it is your will
  • Your signature and date signed
  • Signatures of two adult witnesses*

*Witnesses must not be in your will

Click here for a comprehensive guide of your options: – Making a Will in Canada

To ensure your estate is distributed according to your desires, take the time to complete a will. Your family will give thanks that you did.

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