The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major effect on small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

While the federal government has implemented support programs and grants to minimize the financial impact, the reality is that a high percentage of businesses are managing increased debt and digital disruption (i.e. online shopping).

The insurance industry plays a vital role in providing peace of mind while you rebuild or maintain your business through products and services that can address important issues, such as:

Business Overhead Expenses – If you require business income to pay fixed monthly costs and you must step aside for health reasons, business overhead expense insurance can keep your business running by covering those costs, like rent/lease and salaries.

Critical Illness – This can ensure your business keeps running smoothly in the event you face a critical illness. It is flexible, so you can provide coverage for a key partner or your spouse if appropriate. The great news is, with an approved claim, the benefit is a tax free lump sum.

Key-Person – If you have a partner, executive, or employee who is essential to your business operations, key-person insurance can help support your business if something happens to them.

Disability – Short and long-term disability can help protect your income while you recover from an illness or injury.

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