Sunscreen, check. Bathing suit, check. Beach towel, check. Travel Insurance, check. All set!


Many group plans offer travel coverage, but some do not. Check that your provider offers this important benefit and see what it covers. There is no need to double up on coverage, as it may not pay. Be aware and understand how to use the card when travelling.

Have a copy:

  • On your person
  • With your luggage
  • Scanned to your computer or e-mail
  • Pictured on your phone
  • With a relative or friend back home

This ensures that if something goes wrong, an injury or a loss, someone will have access to your coverage information. They will be able to relay it to you, the insurance company, or the hospital on your behalf.

*There are some countries that Travel Insurance will not cover. Check that whichever country you are visiting is covered. Here is a list of countries that Canada advises you to exercise caution or avoid altogether:


Without travel coverage, you might need to use cash values from your other policies to help pay unexpected costs. It is true that some credit cards and banks offer Travel Insurance. However, this may not cover everything you need. Check to see what they include before you entrust your life, family, and possessions to it.


Travel coverage is not expensive after you have weighed it against the large expenses that may occur while travelling, especially in the US. The last thing you want to do is draw from your savings to pay for expenses.

We recommend annual travel coverage for 4, 10, 18, 30, or 60 days at a time. Of course, the longer the duration of your trips over the year, the more costly. If your trip extends beyond the days you have purchased, you can call to add-on more days. Make sure you do so before you take off. Even if you are in front of your gate at the airport, it takes one call.

**Ensure that you call the Travel Insurance provider when you require medical attention. You may discover that the provider will not cover the costs if you do not call them within 72 hours.

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