The complex made simple…

What It Is

Our tag line completely makes sense when you have had a chance to work with us. Many times, we have met with individuals, families, and business owners who have shared that their finances are a mess, and they have “stuff everywhere.” They are so confused and disorganized they do not know where to start. They cannot tell you what they are spending on their insurance coverages, such as life, car, home, trailer, etc., how much is in their investments or what they are getting as an interest rate,  whether they have an RRSP/TFSA, or where and when they last reviewed it. They have ‘stuff everywhere’ and are a bit embarrassed to admit they require help.

We understand that life is busy, and there are many other things that take priority. People often say, “This can wait for another day.” While it is true, ‘another day’ becomes a month, and then a year. Before they know it, years have passed, and they are still no further ahead than the last time they looked. In fact, they might even be behind. It can be too much.

How It Works

We are here to assist. All we ask is that you toss everything into a box or container that will hold everything and visit us. We will sort through each page and make sense of it all. Then we will assist you by putting all the information on one simple easy to read sheet. We will share what you have and where it is and what it costs. Once we have that put together, we meet with you to review your options and make a clear future for your finances.

Client Story

We have many clients that have continued to work with us because they have a much better understanding of what they did, what they are doing, and where they are going. We have been able to uncover a lot of information that was previously unknown. For our clients, this helps create a better and less frustrating look at finances.

We want to help make the complex world of finance, life insurance, investments, etc. easier to understand. We pride ourselves on our ability to take the complex and make it simple.

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