Why are financial reviews important?

Financial reviews keep the flow of communication between you and your financial advisor.

Financial reviews are important to:

  • Update changes to your account and policy information
  • Advise you of new products and services that may interest you
  • Suggest options or changes that may improve your current coverage
  • Remind you of why you purchased the product and how you can use it better

Accurate contact information is essential when it comes to notifying you of changes to your coverage.

Update account information, such as:

  • Name change
  • E-mail change
  • Phone number change
  • Mailing address change

It is equally essential that you notify your financial advisor of any changes in your life that could affect your coverage, such as:

  • A beneficiary change
  • A marriage
  • A separation/divorce
  • A newborn(s)
  • A new Will/Power of Attorney/Representation Agreement
  • An illness
  • A habit change (i.e. smoking)
  • A life passing
  • A new job/lost job/salary change
  • Going to school/college
  • Retirement (full or partial)
  • A new home/mortgage (upsizing or downsizing)

We have frequently observed that clients forget about or do not quite understand aspects of their coverage. Financial reviews offer a refresher on those aspects, so you can utilize your coverage to its full potential.

Products that might benefit you:

  • Life Insurance – Family, mortgage, and business protection in the event of your death
  • Whole Life Insurance – Life insurance with insured retirement potential in cash values
  • Critical Illness Insurance – Income protection in the event of a serious illness
  • Disability Insurance – Income protection in the event of an injury or illness
  • Manulife One – All-in-one banking, investment, and mortgage product

Insurance products change over time. There may be additional benefits or options that could benefit you. Take the opportunity to advance your financial portfolio by talking to one of our knowledgeable Simplified Financial advisors.

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