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At Simplified, we are an independent Canadian Insurance Broker.

As independent brokers, we’re positioned to shop the Canadian market and offer the best rates in a range of insurance products: life, disability, critical illness and long-term care.

For business owners, and families, making sure what matters most to you is financially protected can be confusing. Having the proper insurance in place can give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected in case of uncontrollable events.

Insurance Planning for Business Owners.

For business owners, making sure their business is financially protected can be overwhelming. Business owners face a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing risk. Insurance can play an important role when it comes to protection. 

There are also situations where insurance can also be utilized for tax sheltering and investment purposes.  

Risk questions every business owner should ask:

  • What happens if a shareholder or key employee becomes disabled, critically ill or dies?
  • Should we consider health benefits for our employees, if so what’s the most effective way to implement this?
  • How do we attract amazing talent?
  • Do we have enough insurance to cover our debts, lease/mortgage, employee salaries?
  • Is there a tax efficient way to invest surplus funds of the company?

Each business owner’s situation is unique, therefore we craft customized insurance plans for every business owner.



Insurance Planning for Individuals.

At every stage of your life, your insurance needs will differ, that’s why it’s important to review this on a regular basis to ensure your needs are taken care of.

For individuals without dependents, the primary focus should be protecting your ability to earn an income.

For families, it will be looking after dependents making sure the following are addressed:

  • Ongoing income needs
  • Mortgage, Debts, Loans
  • Education fund

For retirees, estate planning becomes a priority and these need to be taken into consideration:

  • Taxes- how much of your hard-earned assets should CRA be entitled to?
  • What type of legacy would you like to leave to your heirs?

We know priorities shift, therefore it’s important that we tailor an insurance plan that addresses your needs.



What can we help you with?

We craft a unique insurance plan to meet your needs so you can protect what matters most to you. 

Health Insurance

Health insurance will cover costs that are paid out of pocket such as prescription medication, dental, prescription glasses etc.


Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects your most valuable asset- your ability to earn a living. Disability insurance provides you with a monthly income.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness provides a lump sum payment so you can focus on your recovery if you were to suffer from a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a lump-sum payment to your beneficiaries. For business owners, this can provide financial support to your company and your loved ones too.

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